Band Bio

“And in the red corner fighting out of the Conwy Delta, North Wales….
Man At Q And M. Llanrwst’s favourite surf/rockabilly/blues trio”.
It’s clear to hear they draw influences from old blues hollers, 50’s rockabilly, 60’s surf and 80’s psychobilly. But this is full on original smack up to date rock and roll. Dished out by hypnotic drums and feedbacking guitars. 
Formed in late 2022. Man At Q And M are a 3-piece hewn from guitar, bass and drums. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes full tilt and in your face. Guaranteed to make you twist and contort.
Mods Of Your Generation – “their sound and DNA are deeply rooted in the origins of garage rock of the 1960’s. They are reviving and regenerating the sounds of a sussed generation”.
Black Dog Moans – “If you like raw gritty alternative blues, these are the boys for you”.