Where We Sit, Past To Present. Part 1.

Man At Q And M at Dolgarrog Festival

Way back when!  the evolution of a rock band’s lineup

Founder member Mark initially experimented with a live DJ with guitar and vocals, but it quickly became apparent that they needed more fill in the sound.  Mark – ‘the original concept of a DJ and myself was an innovative idea, but after our first gig in Huddersfield it quickly became apparent that we needed a bit more fill in the sound”.  I found myself as the vocalist and guitarist, with a bit too much to do. Dancing on pedals, loops and interacting with the crowd was pretty full on’. What the two piece did achieve however was a legacy of several good studio tracks. Many of which are still in the set to this day.

 Time to move on with our musical idea

After a year it was time to move on, and move on to a time trusted three piece of guitar, bass and drums. You’ve got to dig the new breed.

Within a few months Mark had invited an old bass playing mate back into the fold. Enter Damian (McKeon). ‘I knew it would work with Damian. He has similar musical influences and is very easy going”. He lets me crack on with the songwriting and direction and hops in with solid bass lines.

From my involvement with a London label I knew the image thing to be very important. Fortunately, Damian also shares a modernist approach to his clothing vibe, so we were already two thirds of the way there. Additionally, Damian was already familiar with some of my songs from way back, so the set list was underway’.

Now we needed percussion. Having DJ generated percussion was kind of cool but let’s face it in a live scenario nothing whacks someone bashing away on the skins. Damian knew a drummer that had been dormant for a while. Enter Olly (Burrage). Mark – ‘Olly fitted in from the very first beat’. He had similar influences to us, is easy going and things flowed well”. His vintage Premier kit is a joy to the eye and fits in just nicely with the Gretsch guitars and Rickenbacker bass.

More to follow in Part 2!

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