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Firstly, this week’s blog was to be about the band’s songwriting process and influences. That is until I read this article by Johnny Bradley. Johnny is a friend of the band, founder of Mods Of Your Generation and figurehead behind its associated media. The reason why I’d like to show you all this article is because it hits the nail on the head when it comes to Man At Q And M. Our image, iconography and musical references are summed up by this article. The mod image the band has possibly conflicts with most folk’s perception of what style of music we ‘should’ be playing. We glean our inspiration from Surf, Rockabilly and Blues. Who is to say we shouldn’t dress in a dapper manner but embrace whatever music genre we wish? We’re from Llanrwst town but our influences can hail from anywhere.

So next time we’ll delve into the very subject of songwriting and influences. 

Hedge at Edge in MCR.

Thanks, Johnny, for kindly allowing us to reproduce your text. Over to Johnny for some wise words:


In my opinion, mod culture truly embodies diversity, and this sentiment is reflected in the wide range of music embraced by mods. I believe mod culture defies categorisation within a single music genre, because everyone who embraces the subculture has an appreciation for a vast array of music. From the soulful melodies of rhythm and blues, the infectious offbeat rhythms of ska, and the energetic beats of rock most Mods draw inspiration from the wide range of sounds.
Obviously not all mods share the same openness and willingness to explore different genres and that’s ok, but I feel the majority exhibit an open-mindedness that contributes to the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of mod culture that transcends generations. The majority do not limit themselves by the boundaries of a specific music genre, but rather, they explore and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of a variety of musical influences. This enduring quality has allowed mod culture to transcend across generations, and continue to flourish today not only through our website and social media presence but also in many other gatherings, communities and social media groups.
I believe music and Mod Culture has an incredible power to unite people, transcending barriers and divisions. It can bring people together who share the same passion and common interest. In this spirit of unity, I invite you to share a band or song link in the comments or tag a band or artist that you recommend we should explore. Let’s continue to celebrate the unifying force of music and our diverse subculture in all its glory by sharing our love for it with others. 

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