Last week saw us return for a home town gig in Llanrwst at Clwb Llanrwst Club. Monthly organiser Mick kindly asked us to play a ‘featured artist’ set. This was particularly handy and poignant for us as a band for two reasons. It allowed us to air a set of predominantly new material to a live crowd and also allowed our new bassist Rich to a debut gig in friendly surroundings. Indeed, as a full band we had only had the opportunity to rehearse three times although Mark and Rich had put in the hours going over the band’s repertoire. To our delight but also trepidation Lady Luck chucked something our way!

Clwb Llanrwst Club

The resident sound genius Geraint Jones (Ninja) and a good pal of Rich offered us a recording opportunity of a live set. Man At Q And M live at Clwb Llanrwst Club! Bonza! Now this is all well and good but the pressure is then on for us to knock out a decent performance. If we put in a pony shift everyone’s time and effort has been wasted. Rich and Ninja have been friends from way back. Mostly from their Melys connections, indeed Ninja has played drums for the band as well as weaving his sound engineering magic. 


Friday 2nd February had us arriving at the venue a couple of hours earlier than kick off. This enabled everything that made a noise to be mic’d and EQ’d. At 2100hrs, we hit the stage and buttons were pressed to record! Only you dear listeners can decide if it’s any good or not. 
We as a band are always critical, and yes nothing is as pure as you’d like it to be. But harking back to our youth and listening to those live precious albums of our musical influences in those post punk days. They too had a certain rawness and edge to their performances. 
We’re happy to have this moment in time captured for posterity, it reflects where we are now and who knows how we’ll sound in the future? But, for now dear friends have a listen and enjoy. 

Llanrwst Club


Man At Q And M – Live in Llanrwst. Will be released this coming weekend. It’s free to you nutty kids on Soundcloud and of course you’ll only have to click the link on the band’s facebook page to have a listen or even download all for nothing. Gawd bless ya all!

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