Many musicians take pride in their image and sense of style. The look of their instrument is one of the most crucial components of that image. For drummers, a custom bass drum logo is one very stylish way they can show off their personality. Plus, it can create a powerful image for the world to see. After all, a bass drum skin is one great big advertisement for the band. Olly has taken the decision to invest in a custom logo for the band. The vintage Pearl kit will look resplendent. Good lad Olly! But probably of just as much importance is the decision to have a mic port in the drum skin. Wherever we gig and the engineer wants to mic up the bass drum the frustration and anger appears when he discovers there’s no port! So, new logo plus a mic port. 

Bass drum head logo

History Of The Original Drum Shield Logo

The bass drum shield logo was used by popular drummers dating back as far as the 1920’s. This design features the initials of the drummer outlined by a shield or crest insignia and then set against a long vertical stripe. This was originally done by hand-inking the design onto the calfskin drumhead itself.
Legends such as jazz drummers Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa were some of the first to use the shield logo and in turn set the trend for countless others. Today the bass drum shield logo evokes a classic, vintage look and harkens back to the golden age of swing.
But in this day and age absolutely anything goes. 


And while we’re about it, how about a bit of recycling? Old logo onto Mark’s Fender amp flight case, no brainer! On top of this, for venues that provide a backdrop facility we have the band logo and name on a mighty backdrop! Seen below in our Llanrwst HQ.
Band Backdrop
 You’ll know who Man At Q And M are at every gig. 

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