Many of you that know the band personally will know that last year we were set to release one of our original tracks. Unfortunately, it went belly up at the recording stage for several reasons that it’s probably best not to divulge! F**kwittery that set us as a band back months. On the plus side. We commissioned some mighty fine original artwork from the very talented Amelia Hemmings Art that we have retained and will use.
ivys-wax logo
The ultimate goal is to release a vinyl EP in the near future. Perhaps we’ll look at crowdfunding or sponsorship but we hope this will become a reality. Aside from that our future releases will be available on all the usual platforms. The certainty of the release is the EP name, title track and artwork. So, bear with us. 


We’ve also recently had a lineup change. Not wanting to give anything away or make any announcements just yet. But our latest addition is a jolly nice geezer and very talented musician. He has a famous Fender 4 string (that some of you might recognise) and has done a fair share of Peel Sessions. On top of that the boy can record and produce! Bonza! We look forward to getting busy in the next few weeks and finally getting our stuff out to you good folk. Exciting eh? We’ll let you know all about our new playmate in due course. 
Fender P Bass
As most of you know, we have a splendid media following (thanks), this website and a great live set so we consider it urgent that we get some tracks into the ether. The band has some dates booked for gigs and festivals already this year but you’ll appreciate our priority, good things come to those that wait!
Over-all we’re gagging to get into 2024. 

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