Rich Eardley
As a band, Man At Q And M would like to introduce and welcome Rich Eardley into the fold. We won’t label Rich’s role in the band as the boy has many a trick up his sleeve. On his first few run outs in the A team he’ll playing in the bass position. Rich was invited to write an introduction of his self and his past exploits. He was only too keen to oblige. Here it is in its chronological glory and a jolly good read it is too:


1985, 1st foray into music, buy 2 Technics SL1200 turntables and a mixer with my brother and spend the next 5yrs DJing Hip-hop, early House and acid house music.

 Buy my 1st guitar and strum away for hours whilst off duty managing a small hotel in Snowdonia.
1993,  Formed my 1st band with a mate and write really piss poor punk songs whilst still managing said hotel.

1994, Whilst Oasis and the rumblings of Cwl Cymru are stirring, play our 1st gigs with said punk band and we now have a name ‘The Skabbz’. After 6 months the band implodes but not before destroying a few local venues and having an hilarious showcase gig at the Mean Fiddler in London.

1995-97, Try to put together a band with new people which morphs in and out of styles and then implodes after doing a few gigs.



1995 – 2005, Joined ‘Melys’, the most success commercially out of my music playing days. 5 Albums, 11 John Peel sessions and played in Europe and America. Melys had a John Peel Festive 50 No. 1 song in 2001 and did many TV appearances.
2004, Write the first of my solo stuff ‘Conwy Valley Love Song’ which John Peel played and said he really liked shortly before he passed away.

Rich Eardley
2007, Formed ‘The Peakz’ with the ex Melys drummer and a guitarist friend. Probably my favourite band I played in music wise, tight, sharp rocked up punky songs one of which was used by a friend in the USA on a video he made which has had 3 1/4 million views.
 Following an illness which eventually turned out to be a failing gall bladder I left the band and up to this point I have played for myself apart from the odd Melys reunion which I also called a day 5yrs ago.
Now dear reader, we hope to make history!

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